The scale of capital expenditure needed over the next decades to effectively address climate change will have to come jointly from public and private sources. The lion’s share of it will have to come from the latter, meaning that it will have to be facilitated, at least partially, by investors, lenders and insurers. This paper contains a set of practical proposals that if implemented as part of an upcoming global deal on climate change could effectively mobilise the resources and skills of the finance sector in financing mitigation and acting on adaptation.
This Green Paper focuses on the priorities identified by UNEP FI to mobilise the skills and resources of the banking, investment and insurance sectors behind an effective, efficient and equitable global deal on climate change at COP15 in Copenhagen.
Published: 2009 | by: UNEP FI

Financing a Global Deal on Climate Change (1.0 MB | 32 pages)
Financing a Global Deal on Climate Change – Executive Summary (677 | 6 pages)