UNEP FI at the UNFCC 17th Conference of Parties (COP 17)
28 November – 9 December 2011 | Durban, South Africa

,The private financial sector must be a central part of the global strategy to address climate change. Not only do financial institutions possess the skills, expertise and resources required to deal with the problem: if the private sector broadly, and the financial markets in particular, do not become a part of the solution to climate change, they are likely to remain a part of the problem. With this in mind, members of UNEP Finance Initiative brought their private sector expertise to the international negotiations on climate change at COP 17. UNEP Finance Initiative engaged in a number of key issues and provided its focused input, where most direly needed: I. Designing a Green Climate Fund that is effective in unlocking private investment for low-carbon and climate-resilient growth in developing countries II. Mobilising the risk management skills of the insurance industry to address loss and damage from the impacts of climate change III. Building an effective global funding mechanism for forest-based climate change mitigation In addition, UNEP FI continued to address critical issues within the financial services sector itself, such as:
IV. Advancing the integration of corporate carbon performance into financial decision-making on the capital markets Find out how UNEP FI bridged the public-private divide with a vibrant programme of activities and meetings during COP 17 in Durban.

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