6 June 2009 | Bonn, Germany

UNFCCC June Talks on the run-up to Copenhagen View the webcast of the event.

  • How can carbon markets and the Flexible Mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol be actually improved to cover so-far neglected countries, project sizes and technology categories?
  • How can technology transfer happen without compromising the vital role of intellectual property rights?
  • How can innovative risk transfer instruments help poor communities in developing countries better cope with the effects of climate change?

These are some of the questions that a high-level panel will address during this side event in Bonn on 6 June. The panel will consist of:

  • Raekwon Chung, Climate Change Ambassador, Republic of Korea
  • Peter Höppe, Head, Geo Risks Research / Corporate Climate Centre, MunichRe
  • Nick Robins, Head of the HSBC Climate Change Centre of Excellence
  • Karsten Sach, Head of the German Delegation to the UNFCCC
  • Senior representative of the Mexican Delegation to the UNFCCC

The event will provide an opportunity to make public, present and discuss a UNEP Finance Initiative “Green Paper” addressing priorities to mobilize the skills and resources of the banking, investment and insurance sectors to achieve an equitable global deal on climate change at CoP 15 in Copenhagen. The UNEP FI proposals build on the observation that the capital expenditure required to cope with climate change will have to be mobilised by public and private actors jointly. 86% of the investment is expected to come from the latter provided that effective public policy measures are put into place. As part of the Bali Roadmap, it is now necessary to clarify the appropriate mix of country actions, market mechanisms and public finance instruments needed to up-scale flows of private investment in climate change mitigation and adaptation. View the Press Advisory