Over the past 5 years, UNEP FI has run a series of pilot programs to assist financial institutions in implementing the TCFD framework and issuing meaningful climate disclosures. Over 100 banks, investors, and insurers from all around the world have participated in these pilots. Participants have explored topics including climate assessment tools, transition scenarios, climate risk management, physical risk data, climate stress testing, and the economic impacts of climate change. The pilot programs have leveraged the convening power of the UN for institutions to share good practices with peers across the industry. In addition, the pilots have been supported by nearly a over a dozen technical partners from climate modelers to climate risk experts.

The next working groups and regional initiatives on climate risk will begin in Spring 2022. This session is an opportunity for firms to learn about the planned outputs, topics, and partners that will comprise these new initiatives and also indicate interest in participating.


  • Remco Fischer, Climate Lead, UNEP FI
  • David Carlin, TCFD Programme Lead, UNEP FI
  • Paul, Senior Consultant, Climate Change, Physical Risks, and Adaptation, UNEP FI
  • Maheen Arshad, Consultant, TCFD Programme, UNEP FI
  • Hina Majid, Consultant, TCFD Programme, UNEP FI

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