For more than a year of a coordinated work with relevant Ministries, regulators and international organizations, the Ministry of Finance of Chile, launched its inaugural Financial Strategy on Climate Change in December 2019. The Strategy is one of the country commitments under the Paris Agreement and reaffirms the country’s ambitious on climate action. It defines a framework that will guide the institutional efforts to mobilize resources needed to achieve Chile’s carbon neutrality target and NDC commitments in a responsible and orderly manner by addressing barriers and contributing to sustainable development.

In order to strengthen the public-private cooperation on green finance, the Ministry of Finance of Chile, with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), UNEP FI and the UK Embassy are delivering a series of Webinars of the Public-Private Working Group on Green Finance of Chile on Green Finance.

The webinars are held in English and Spanish between June and October 2020.

Recorded webinars/Presentations: 

10 June 2020: TCFD (investors)

11 June 2020: TCFD (insurers)

11 June 2020: TCFD (bankers)

23 June 2020: TCFD (pension funds)

15 July 2020: Riesgo climático en el sistema financiero: una discusión sobre sus tipos y gestión

19 August 2020: Tendencias en inversión sostenible y productos financieros verdes

10 September 2020: Avances en la regulación internacional y local

6 October 2020: Definiendo lo verde: Desarrollo de Taxonomías

More information about the “Mesa Público-Privada de Finanzas Verdes de Chile”: